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Truck Scales are an easy way of preventing overloading while maximising load capacity.

The WK-60 range of Truck Scales provide information and data in real-time to drivers (and managers via the Pfreundt Web Portal). Drivers can get on with the job with the confidence that their truck is safely operating at it’s most productive.

Truck scales eliminate the need to use weighbridges, saving time and money. The legal for trade capability allows operators to invoice from the cab if required.

The WK-60 Scales are a simple to operate system with a large display and easy to operate touchscreen. They have the option of connecting to a mobile network for instant data transfer between the machine and the Pfreundt Web Portal/your companies software. This allows managers to monitor the performance of each truck and maximise productivity.

To learn more about our scales, please visit the page below. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected], or call us at 1800 818 079.