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On Board Weighing specialises in supplying and fitting telehandler scales to suit a wide range of applications and budgets.

We are partnered with the world leaders in scales and on board weighing solutions in Pfreundt. Pfreundt are the creators of the WK-60 range of telehandler weighing scales.

We also supply scales from French manufacturer Ascorel as well as Australian made Kerfab scales. The Pfreundt WK-60 range is the only range of legal for trade telehandler scales available in Australia.

Fitting a set of scales to your telehandler provides a massive increase in efficiency, decrease in costs, and boosts profit.

Onboard weighing scales can replace a $100,000 weighbridge for a fraction of the cost. This instant saving compounds with every use as an operator knows exactly how much material has been loaded in real-time. Consequently, there is no need to guess or waste time driving to the weighbridge.

Telehandler Scales Installation

On Board Weighing have a variety of installation methods. We can come to site and fully install and calibrate your scales. Alternatively, we can provide instructions and guidance if you choose to self-install or have your machine dealer do the install.

After Sales Service

On Board Weighing utilises Kerfab’s BackUp+ network to provide industry-leading after-sales/backup service to our customers across Australia. A big hurdle for many considering scales is the time and cost of servicing and calibrating scales. We have agreements with local contractors in every city and many regional areas who are trained to maintain, service, install, and calibrate our range of telehandler scales.

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