On Board Weighing delivers on scales for a specialised fertiliser spreader

In the high-flying world of helicopters – accuracy and reliability are paramount. This is why a Victorian company who specialise in spreading fertiliser via helicopter trusted On Board Weighing.

The operation relies on loads of fertiliser to be lifted well above the ground and equally spread across the crops. Aside from the obvious safety concerns with overloading a helicopter the biggest concern is productivity.

Fertiliser is loaded into a spreader which is suspended underneath a helicopter, the helicopter does not land in between loads. With the chopper hovering overhead, a skid steer loads fertiliser into the spreader.

Running a helicopter is a costly exercise, underloading the spreader with each load can add thousands to the costs of a job. Overloading is dangerous and adds more cost as the spreader needs to lose some material before the helicopter can lift it – this is not ideal when a helicopter is hovering just overhead.

Our customer needed to know exactly how much material they were emptying into the spreader as they were loading it. A Pfreundt WK-60 scale was the solution.

The WK-60 scale allows the skid steer operator load the precise amount of fertiliser each time. The Kerfab Stemming Bucket allows the operator to stop filling at the optimal time. The easy to read touchscreen display gives a real time update on how much material is currently in the bucket, how much material has been loaded into the spreader on this load, the total amount loaded into the spreader over the entire job, and how much fertiliser needs to be loaded to meet the target.

The scales have proved themselves as reliable and accurate way of boosting productivity in this operation. But the WK-60 range is not limited to high stakes operations such as this, these scales are installed in quarries, waste management facilities, councils, mines, and farms all across Australia.

The range comes in different variants to suit each customer’s operation. More information on the WK-60 range can be found here.

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